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Richie Molina was born in 1958 in Queens Village, New York. His talents were apparent early on and have been supported by his family throughout his life.

Richie graduated from The High School of Art and Design (NYC) in 1976 and was accepted by The School of Visual Arts in New York City. However, he chose not to attend and instead joined the work force after high school and began working in the construction field. Richie uses his artistic talents to design and install bathrooms and kitchens, specializing in tile work, carpentry, and interior design.

Richie has never given up on his art work. Whenever possible after work and on weekends, he continues to produce unique woodcarvings and paintings and over the years he has managed to put together a portfolio of works. His inspirations come from forms of nature and his favorite masters, Monet, Basquiat, and Norman Rockwell.

Richie thanks his wife for her continuing encouragement and support of his art work.

We hope you enjoy the website, feel free to email the artist: RichieArtWorks@gmail.com

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"The Belt 2006 "

"The 4th Hole"

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